Professional Thai Culinary Training

Accredited by Thai Ministry of Education

Study for 6 weeks OR 12 months

“Learn to Cook Like a Thai Chef”

Our professional training campus is located in Bangkok, near a BTS mass transit line, and teaches Thais and international students alike the ins & outs of Thai cooking. Classes are in English (except as needed by our Thai students).  This course assumes you already have learned basic culinary skills (knife skills, HACCP, etc).  You will cook, cook, and cook–at least 150+ professional Thai dishes.  

This Professional Thai Culinary Training program is for those wishing to really learn how to prepare professional Thai dishes from scratch.  Let our chef-instructors train you for 6 weeks.  Training emphasizes:
1.  Achievement of authentic aromas & flavors.
2.  Professional presentation of all dishes
3.  Development of competency in dish preparation–from working with raw ingredients to the finished dish.
4.  Knowledge to identify and work with Thai ingredients and Thai cookware.

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Thai chef-instructors professionally and thoroughly demonstrate the preparation and plating of each dish in English.  All techniques are explained and demonstrated.  Questions are answered.
Each student, following recipes provided and demonstration by the instructor, works with recipes and ingredients until he has a completed, authentic-tasting and properly plated the professional dish.  All dips, sauces, pastes are prepared from scratch for each dish.  Chef-instructors then taste and critique each dish, as appropriate.


professional chef courses

Having Fun in Bangkok
Having Fun in Bangkok


  • Authentic professional dishes (150+ of the most popular dishes)
  • Dips, sauces, pastes made from scratch for each dish
  • Professional plating
  • Making tofu and soy milk
  • Thai ingredients
  • Thai cookware–high and low-pressure burners, woks, steamers,…
  • Vegetarian cooking techniques


PROGRAM A–All students (no internship and no 6 month student visa):

  • 108,000 THB ($3,500 USD)

PROGRAM B–Includes internship (optional):

  • Thai students–118,000 THB ($3,800 USD) 
  • Foreign students –128,000 THB ($4,125 USD) with 6 month student visa

Note: Internships are optional and consist of up to 4.5 months at a Thai hotel/resort/restaurant, some are paid plus free accommodations and food.

NOTE: All USD prices are subject to change based on daily fluctuations in exchange rates.

Accommodations (optional):  15,000 THB ($490 USD) for 6 weeks while training at the school, includes private room with private bath, hot water, wifi, air con OR 9,000 THB ($295 USD) for 6 weeks in a nice hostel.

How to Enroll:

  • Send an email to or click HERE indicating which Monday you wish to start.
  • The school will confirm if your desired start date is available.
  • Once your start date is confirmed, a deposit, usually paid using any major credit card, is required to guarantee your start date.
  • Send us a copy of your passport so that we can start the process of helping you obtain a visa (tourist or student visa).






For a schedule of when Thai dishes are taught, click HERE.
For a list of Thai dishes and related Thai names being taught, click HERE.

When to join:  Any Monday
Teams:  We do not do teams; each student has his own cooking and prep stations
Training schedule:  Monday-Friday, 930 AM  onwards until assigned dishes are completed
Dishes/day:  5-6 daily
Class size:  Limited to 10
Language:  Primarily English with some Thai as needed

Master Thai Culinary Chef Diploma, accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education for 240 hours of training

Deposit:  25% using any major credit card, ATM transfer, or bank wire transfer
Letters of Acceptance:  Provided for international students upon receipt of deposit
Visas:  Assistance provided in obtaining tourist visas and 6 month student visas
Private accommodations included in tuition or click HERE to see other hotels/hostels.

Click HERE or send email to or call +66 2136-9405 (School office), +66 807-706-741 (English) or +66 819-154-919 (English or Thai).

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