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We are in Bangkok, the capital of Thai culinary cooking and the home of world-renowned Thai dishes. Who would know Thai cooking better than our Thai culinary school in Bangkok, and where would you go to properly learn Asian cooking? Come learn with us authentic Thai, Pan-Asian, Western cooking and Pastry & Bakery Arts using fresh ingredients and professional recipes in English.

INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE:  Study with us for 6 weeks to complete your kitchen and classroom training or study in Thailand for 6 months on a student visa.  Here you can learn with us for 6 weeks and then intern at a Thai hotel/resort/restaurant for 4.5 months.  Some internships are paid along with providing accommodations and eats.

This Bangkok Chef School and its instructors are devoted to helping every chef student achieve the highest culinary skills possible. All training is designed to instill a successful work ethic and to develop confidence in working in a commercial kitchen. Professional chef training courses in Bangkok consist of classroom work, intensive at-the-fryer training, and elective internships at Thai hotels/resorts/restaurants.

Emphasis is placed on achieving authentic flavors and aromas along with the professional presentation.  Mastery of all dishes is achieved as all dishes are prepared from scratch to completion.  All dishes must taste right, smell right, and look right.  This is our GUARANTEE to you!

Learn Thai & Western ingredients–fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices.  It all starts with fresh ingredients and knowing which ones to buy.  We will teach you this too.  As you cook and cook, you will also learn how to properly use Thai cookware (high & low-pressure burners, woks, steamers, etc).

The best part is while in Bangkok, you can learn either Thai cooking, Pan-Asian cooking, Western cooking, or Pastry & Baking skills.  The Thai cooking program is from 1 to 6 weeks.  Pan-Asian and Western cooking programs are both 6 weeks, intensive, and professional. Learn how to master Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Western professional dishes.  Learn all about Starters, Soups, Salads, Curry Pastes, Stir Fries, Steamed, Grilled, Deep fried, desserts, herbal beverages, street foods,… OR learn the basics of Western cooking in our Western Basic Culinary course which is taught by an experienced French chef.  The Pastry & Bakery Arts course is 5 weeks and covers the basics of French pastry, cakes and decorations, chocolates, and bread making.

Come learn with us.  Our major training programs available are:

  1.  PAN-ASIAN CULINARY TRAININGLearn 5 Asian cuisines (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean), basic culinary training, work in a hotel/resort as a paid intern, and let us help you find a good paying job on a cruise ship or in an F & B establishment in Thailand.  Accommodations provided for international students.
  2. WESTERN CULINARY TRAININGLearn Western cuisines, along with techniques and sauces, such as French, Italian, American, Spanish and more for 6 weeks with a Western-trained chef.  And then, if you choose, work as an intern at a Thai hotel/resort/restaurant for 4.5 months.
  3. PROFESSIONAL THAI CULINARY TRAININGCook for 6 weeks and learn 150+ professional Thai dishes or stay for 6 months and do an internship at a Thai hotel.
  4. PASTRY & BAKERY ARTS TRAININGIn 5 full time intensive weeks (200 hours), learn French pastry, cake & decorations, chocolate work, and bread making. 
  5. EXCHANGE STUDENT TRAININGCome to Thailand, learn Asian or Western cuisines and culture, receive college credits.  Accommodations included in this program.
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These are the major services for which we perform assistance.  Others are also available.  We are here in Bangkok waiting to hear from you.  To contact us, just email us at , use our Email us page, or call +66 2136-9405 (School office).

The school campus is located at 1770 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 54 (2 blocks from BTS On Nut), The Phyll Community Center, Lower Level, directly below The Pizza Company, Bang Chak,  Phra Khanong, Bangkok, Thailand  10260