Team building and event planning with Thai Chef School is FUN and DELICIOUS!  Our cooking school creates fun and unforgettable team building activities that will encourage new skills and abilities thereby making your team more efficient and productive.

Every team building event is designed to be an amazing and highly interactive experience that you will never forget!

Every activity will inspire, engage, and educate your team to become the best they can be.

From 10-110 pax

1.  Availability– Fun cooking events available 24/7 with preferred times evenings and weekends.
2.  Dishes– Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Western dishes available for learning
3.  Activities– Fun cooking foreign dishes & competition among teams make for lots and lots of laughs
4.  Professional Chefs– Our chefs know multiple cuisines, and they know how to entertain too!


Teams compete by working together to cook selected dishes, Thai or foreign dishes, that are taught by our instructors.  Judges then decide which team was able to work together, follow instructions, and produce the best tasting dishes.  We strive to make the event competitive and fun for all those who participate.  Here are some reasons for having your next team building event with us in Bangkok:

  • Convenience– Conveniently located 2 blocks from BTS On Nut station, directly on Sukhumvit Road, transportation by van and bus as well as availability of parking
  • Affordable– For one reasonable price/person, we provide ingredients, supplies, education and fun in a safe, professional, and fully air conditioned environment.
  • Selectivity/Variety– You pick the dishes from a list of Thai and foreign cuisines
  • Availability– We can host your event at our school most anytime.
  • Memorable– Preparing meals together is fun; eating together is even more fun.  Memories last forever.
  • Flexible– Since we are indoors, no heat and no rain, cool and dry 24/7
  • Team Work– Working together preparing ingredients for cooking, actually cooking meals together, and sharing a great meal mutually prepared promotes bonding
  • Non Athletic– Something for men and women to do together without injury or too much heat
  • Activities Available– Cooking of Thai and foreign cuisines and fruit carving

Let us host your next team building event.  We can accommodate groups ranging from 10-110 people.  A deposit is required for all group and private events booked.  We accept cash (Thai baht or USD), PayPal, all major credit cards, bank transfers, and ATM transfers (if within Thailand).  Unpaid balance can be paid by cash (Thai baht) or credit card (+3%) at the end of your event.

Contact us for further details:
+66 2-136-9405 (School–English and Thai)
+66 807-706-741 (English)
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