300 g   Minced fish
6-8                   Kaffir lime leaves
1.5 tbsp           Red curry paste
1                      Egg, yolk only
¼ cup  Long beans
10-15   Sweet basil leaves

1 tbsp  Sugar
1.5 tbsp           Fish sauce

¼ cup  Sugar
¼ cup  Vinegar
¼ cup  Water
1          Small cucumber, diced
2          Shallots, diced
½ tsp   Salt
A few  Red spur chili slices

1.  Chop long beans, thinly slice Kaffir lime leaves, separate yolk from white of egg, separate sweet basil leaves and dry.
2.  Mince fish (featherback fish is available)
3.  For cucumber dip—dice cucumber & shallots, prepare dip by mixing sugar, water, vinegar, salt and heat to dissolve.  Let cool and add in cucumber and shallots.  Can also slice some red spur chilis for color.
4.  With minced fish, combine red curry paste, long beans, yolk, Kaffir lime leaves, sugar, fish sauce.
5.  Refrigerate at least 30 minutes and then prepare patties to desired size.
6.  Deep fry sweet basil leaves.
7.  Deep fry patties on low heat until golden brown.

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Recipes presented here will vary some from your class.  Every instructor teaches differently, and cooking is an art, not a science.  No two chefs will cook the same dish identically.  This is why the same dish eaten in multiple restaurants will all taste a bit different.  There is no such thing as “one” perfect recipe.  These recipes have been reviewed by us and prepared by one of our instructors. 

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