1-10     Green hot chilis
5 cloves           Garlic
2                      Coriander roots
10 leaves         Mint
1-2                   Limes (juice to taste)

1.5 Tbsp          Fish sauce
2 Tbsp Palm sugar

1.  Combine chilis, garlic, and coriander roots and smash in a mortar.
2.  Add mint and smash again.
3.  Add seasoning sauce and mix well.
4.  Add lime juice to taste.
5.  Transfer to a bowl and ready to use.NOTE:
1.  You can adjust heat by # and type of peppers you use (generally the smaller the size the hotter).
2.  Always wash your hands after handling peppers.

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Recipes presented here will vary some from your class.  Every instructor teaches differently, and cooking is an art, not a science.  No two chefs will cook the same dish identically.  This is why the same dish eaten in multiple restaurants will all taste a bit different.  There is no such thing as “one” perfect recipe.  These recipes have been reviewed by us and prepared by one of our instructors.

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