How much experience do I need to attend?
None as we take you from the very beginning with every dish to completed professional plate.  Additionally, training in basic culinary skills is incorporated into each course.
Are we licensed?
Thai Chef School is a licensed private culinary school by Thai Ministry of Education.  Courses taught are accredited by MOE and taught in English.
What culinary programs do you offer?
Thai culinary training
Pan-Asian culinary training (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese)
Western culinary training
Pastry/bakery training
Will I receive a diploma or a certificate?
You will receive both.
Are your teachers also chefs?
Yes, our teachers are trained and experienced chefs.
What kind of visa can I get with your school?
Tourist visa if coming to study for less than 90 days
Education Visa if planning on joining our internship program for 6 or 12 months
Do you offer internship in Thai hotels, resorts, and restaurants?
We have many 5-star partner hotels offering internships to our culinary graduates.
What culinary skills do you teach?
Basic culinary skills
Mastery of dish preparation
Authenticity of aromas and flavors
Professional plating
Knowledge of ingredients and cookware
What if I am denied by student visa by the Thai embassy?
We will charge 10,000 baht and then return the balance to you.
Is class full time each day?
Yes, class starts at 9 AM and ends each day when all demonstrated dishes have been successfully prepared by all students.
Which days is class?
Class is normally Monday-Friday.
Do students work in teams?
No, each student has his own prep and frying station.  We believe in independent work.
Do teachers demonstrate each dish first?
Yes, teachers demonstrate in the morning and students prepare dishes in the afternoon.
Are dishes prepared from scratch?
We assume you know nothing and therefore you will start with the raw ingredients and prep and cook until the dish is professionally plated.
Will I receive a training manual?
Each student receives a personal training manual as well as recipes for all dishes in English. 
What is the dress code?
When in the kitchen, all students are to wear a chef’s jacket, apron, hat, long pants, and closed-toe shoes.
What kind of skills training will I receive?
Knife skills (veggie cuts, deboning, fileting, sharpening)
Food measurements
Food costing
Knowledge of ingredients
Knowledge of kitchen equipment and utensils
Do you test what I learn?
Every Friday we administer a half day cooking test.  You are expected to know the recipes covered during the week.
What does training consist of?
Training consists of culinary training at the fryers, classwork, homework, and testing.
What is the procedure for registration?
Please click HERE to read more.
What is your location?
We are in Bangkok, Thailand.  For our exact address, please click HERE to see a map.
Do you have a Facebook page?
To view our page, please click on this link:
Is a deposit required to register?
Yes, a deposit, paid either by using any major credit card or by bank wire transfer is required.
When is the remaining unpaid balance due?
Unpaid balance is due first day of class paid either in cash (THB or USD) or by credit card (+3%).
Do you offer vegan/vegetarian training?
Most dishes can be prepared in a vegan or vegetarian manner.
What if I miss a class?
Missed classes can be made up on Saturdays.  A charge of 5,000 baht applies.
Do you offer reasonably priced rooms?
Yes, to see these rooms, just click HERE.