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Accredited by Thai Ministry of Education
Study 6 weeks OR 12 months

This course is designed to introduce both Thais and international students to basic culinary skills and French, Italian, American, British, German, and Spanish cuisines.  Classes are conducted in English.  After graduation, students can elect to work as interns at a resort/hotel for up to 4.5 months either in Thailand or overseas.  Sometimes this is a paid internship and usually includes free accommodations and eats.  Internships are not mandatory.  Classes are small, and lots of personal attention is available from our chef instructors.


Training is done as follows:

Theory Training (40 hours) :- Training at prep stations, in the classroom, and at home (in the form of assigned homework), students learn subjects such as knife skills, food safety & personal hygiene, food costing & measurements, professional plating, ingredients, and kitchen utensils. Lecture and study manual are in English. Handouts, homework, PowerPoint, videos, and written tests are used to assist the teacher.
Culinary Training (200 hours) :-

(A) Demonstration Class–Chef instructors will explain and demonstrate Western cooking techniques and dishes
(B) Practical Application—Students, using recipes and notes, are expected to properly prepare the same dish professionally and correctly. All dishes are checked by the instructor with constructive criticism offered. Each student has his own training station and works independently. Testing is done every Friday afternoon.


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PROGRAM A–only 6 weeks of training (30 days, Monday-Friday), 240 hours of culinary training at the school
PROGRAM B-6 weeks of training at the school + 4.5 months of internship at a Thai hotel/resort/restaurant.
Note: Internships are optional and consist of up to 4.5 months at a hotel/resort/restaurant; some are paid plus free accommodations and food. To participate in our internship program, a 6-month Education Visa is required for all international students.


Classroom Lecture & Homework—40 hours
Cooking Training–200 hours + testing

To see the weekly training schedule with dishes and cuisines, click HERE.

PROGRAM A :- All students (no internship and no 6 month education visa):

70,000 THB ($2,350 USD)

PROGRAM B :- Includes internship (optional):

Thai students–80,000 THB ($2,650 USD) including internship placement
Foreign students –90,000 THB ($3,000 USD) with 6 month education visa + internship
Note: All tuition includes a set of chef’s knives

Accommodations (optional): 15,000 THB ($500 USD) for 6 weeks while training at the school, includes private room with private bath, hot water, wifi, air con OR 9,000 THB ($300 USD) for 6 weeks in a nice hostel. Click HERE to see other more expensive rooms.


Length: 6 weeks (Monday-Friday for 30 days)
Internship: This is elective, not mandatory. Can be up to 4.5 months, with pay, at a Thai hotel/resort/or restaurant, if you choose.
Diploma Awarded: Professional Western Culinary Chef diploma
Start Date: Every Monday
Cuisines Taught: French, Italian, British, German, other European, & American
Instruction: In English (except for Thai students) by an experienced chef
Course Material:

Recipes in English for all dishes, dips, pastes, sauces prepared
Lecture material and handouts in English

Class Size: Limited to 10
Graduation: Diploma and Ministry of Education certificate awarded upon satisfactory attendance, participation, and test scores
Deposit: 25% required to hold a seat
Letters of Acceptance: Provided for international students upon receipt of deposit
Visas: Assistance provided in obtaining tourist visas and 6 month student visas
Internship Placement: Assistance provided

NOTE: All USD prices are subject to change based on daily fluctuations in exchange rates.

How to Enroll:

Send an email to Ron@ThaiChefSchool.com or click HERE indicating which Monday you wish to start.
The school will confirm if your desired start date is available.
Once your start date is confirmed, a deposit, usually paid using any major credit card, is required to guarantee your start date.
Send us a copy of your passport so that we can start the process of helping you obtain a visa (tourist or student visa).

To contact us, please send email to Ron@ThaiChefSchool.com or click HERE.

Paid by Paypal, any major credit card, bank wire transfer, cash, Western Union, or by ATM transfer (if within Thailand).  Remaining tuition, not paid as a deposit, is due first day of class paid in cash (THB or USD) or by credit card (+3%).

Work at selected high quality hotels/resorts/restaurants inside or outside of Thailand for pay and experience.  For those who do a good job, employment opportunities are usually available.  Up to 4.5 months of on-the-job training.