Chef Ratchaneekorn, better known as Ratch, is known for her patience and easy-going style of teaching Thai cooking. She is always calm, but her knowledge of Thai culinary arts never ceases to amaze us. Seems like she can teach anything and everything!


Chef Kan, always smiling and confident teacher of both Thai and Western cuisines, brings lots of culinary experience from Thailand, Korea, and the U.S.A., having worked his way up from Line Chef to Head Chef. He is well-educated and speaks impeccable English. He is a pleasure to be around, work with, and learn from.


Chef Dao is a master cook in her own right. She is also famous as a smiling Thai cooking instructor. Chef Dao is certainly our best fruit carving instructor and specializes in teaching our private classes. If you really want to learn cooking some lip-smacking Thai dishes then we welcome you to take the demo class of chef Dao.


Chef King is the person with immense passion and love for cooking. She is quite a proficient chef and understands the value of nutrition in the food. She has a belief that the right food nourishes both the body and mind and keep them in harmony. Her Thai cooking and fruit carving skills are second to none.


Chef Jean-Baptiste (JB) was born in Brittany, France. At a very young age, JB acquired his love for cooking by working with his mom in their kitchen. His high school diploma and emphasis was in Hotel & Catering. After completing high school, Chef Lucas completed a 2-year technical degree in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy

Chef Chayanat (Nat) Boonmeerod

After graduating from Srinakharinwirot University with a degree in Business Education, chef Nat realized his real love was cooking. He thereupon enrolled in the intensive one year Traditional Thai Cuisine program of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP). Upon graduation, he was recognized as their