Licensed by Thai Ministry of Education

About Us:
Thai Chef School is committed to the facilitation of student learning and career development. We strive to provide a professional and dynamic learning environment while empowering students to become tomorrow’s culinary leaders. Our goal is to help food and beverage workers in pursuing their culinary dreams by offering accredited culinary training, internships, and job placement assistance. Receive an accredited diploma for 6 weeks of culinary training and then apply those new skills with on-the-job training as an intern at a 5-star Thai hotel–all using an Education Visa.

The school campus is in Bangkok, the cultural and culinary capital of Thailand.  To see a PowerPoint presentation about Thai Chef School, please click HERE.  Being ranked #6 in world popularity, Thai cuisine is noted for its taste and health aspects.  We know how good Thai dishes should taste, for we are located in Thailand.  We teach authentic Thai cooking not fusion.  And for those interested in learning Western (European) cooking, not a problem.  And in our Pan Asian course, one can learn Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cuisines.  The campus is conveniently located directly on Sukhumvit Road, 2 blocks from BTS On Nut, directly under The Pizza Company restaurant in the Phyll Community Center.  Classes are conducted in new professional classrooms by English-speaking Thai and Western chefs.  Training is full time and students do not share training stations.  Each student works independently.

OUR CERTIFICATIONS: Thai Chef School is a licensed private culinary training school by Thai Ministry of Education.  As such, our courses are accredited and our chef instructors are registered with, and approved by Ministry of Education.  We are also members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

OUR CHEFS: School teachers are highly trained English-speaking Thai nationals. All have experience working in Thai and Western restaurants locally and internationally, and have had numerous years of experience teaching cooking at various schools. 

OUR GOALS: Our basic goal is to teach students authentic tasting Asian and Western dishes while instilling a work ethic and professional skills. Competence in preparing every dish from scratch is emphasized. We subscribe to the idea that one learns best by doing; therefore, classes are entirely hands-on. And this is just what our students do—they cook, cook, and cook. Instructors demonstrate how to prepare a dish, and students practice until the correct taste is achieved. We make novices into cooks, cooks into chefs, and chefs into Asian culinary chefs. Want to learn and have some fun? Come join us here in exotic Bangkok. Learning never tasted so good!!

OUR CULINARY PROGRAMS (all full-time):

  1. PAN-ASIAN CULINARY TRAINING: Six week intensive training program takes novices and makes them into Asian cooks. Basic culinary skills + Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cuisines are taught in English.  Internships at 5-star Thai hotels are available.
  2. WESTERN BASIC CULINARY TRAINING: Six week intensive training program teaches basic culinary skills along with intensive study and application of various methods and techniques of Western cooking. Learn basic skills + many Western cuisines.  Internships at 5-star Thai hotels are available.
  3. PASTRY & BAKERY ARTS TRAINING: This 5 week intensive pastry and baking course teaches the basics of French pastry, cake & decorations, chocolates and bread making. After 5 weeks, you will be amazed at your ability to create masterpieces. Taught by a French pastry chef.
  4. STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM: International students studying in accredited overseas universities, culinary schools, and hospitality training institutions are encouraged to come to Bangkok, learn Asian cooking with us, and enjoy the wonders of Thailand. There is no better place to learn Asian cooking than in Bangkok. Come for 6 weeks or 12 months–up to you!
  5. PROFESSIONAL THAI CULINARY COURSE: Six weeks of professional Thai  culinary training, during which time 150+ professional Thai dishes are thoroughly taught. Study for only 6 weeks or stay for 12 months and do an internship.

FRUIT & VEGETABLE CARVING: In addition to our Culinary Arts Program, fruit and vegetable carving training is taught to enrolled chef students.  We make certain that those enrolled in our Culinary Arts Program learn some fruit carving skills, for they are important in making a dish look like a work of art.  Practice makes perfect, and this truly applies to the art of fruit carving.

PRIVATE CULINARY TRAINING CLASSES: From time-to-time, we have individuals who wish to fine-tune their cooking skills. Often, they only want to take a few short classes to learn certain Thai dishes or to simply perfect their Thai culinary knowledge. Often they do not have the time to join extended professional training courses. Private chef training is available upon request. Please click HERE to inquire.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We do have some private accommodations as well as hostel accommodations for our students. Special rates are also available for school students from several nearby 2 to 4 star hotels. To see nearby available accommodations, click HERE.

QUESTIONS & BOOKING INQUIRIES: You can write to or use our Contact Us page. Our phone numbers are +66 2136-9405 (School office), +66 807-706-741 (English) or +66 819-154-919 (English or Thai). We will endeavor to answer your questions promptly.