Fruit & Vegetable Carving 

Thai fruit and vegetable skills are great to add to your resume.  Executive chefs and restaurant owners appreciate what beauty a specially carved creation adds to a meal.  Customers appreciate the fact that you specially prepared a little something extra just for them.

Fruit carving is an ART, not a science.  The more you practice, the more you will learn, and the more proficient you will become.  Novices typically begin with the easiest to carve fruits and vegetables–like onions, long chilies, radishes, carrots, and tomatoes. As you become more proficient with the tools-of-the-trade and carving techniques, you will progress to mangos, cantaloupes, and melons.

Those enrolled in our Thai Culinary Professional Training courses receive instruction in this art.  Those not enrolled in our professional training programs can still schedule classes by inquiring HERE.

Fruit carvingCLASS DETAILS:
Our professional level carving classes are designed for both beginners and professionals and are taught by our Master fruit carvers—Kru Dao and Kru Nat.  Come learn from them how to master the techniques and become as good as you can be. All it takes is great instructors, some talent, and lots of practice!

When enrolled in our chef program, instruction in this art is available and encouraged.  We can even work it into your training program.  Our instructors can take you from beginner to advanced in a matter of days. 

We provide all food carving tools and supplies.  For those taking multiple fruit carving classes, we can sell you a professional fruit carving knife for 500 baht.

Fruit Carving in Bangkok