Having Fun in Bangkok
Having Fun in Bangkok
Learning Pan-Asian & Western Cooking



Licensed by Thai Ministry of Education

“Training Students from Around the World”

In conjunction with universities, culinary schools, and hospitality institutions, we offer accredited training programs in Thai and Pan-Asian culinary arts.  You are invited to come to the City of Angels, and learn Thai, Chinese, and Japanese culinary arts with us.  We offer training of foreign hospitality and culinary students in the theory and practice of Asian cooking.  Training and all recipes are in English.  Come to Bangkok, learn Asian cooking, and experience Thai culture for yourself.

To see our E BROCHURE, please click HERE.

Program Length:  We offer 2 different fixed learning programs– (1) a 6 weeks (240 hours) training program, during which time one can expect to thoroughly learn 80+ professional Asian dishes (Thai, Chinese, and Japanese).  To read more about this particular course, please click HERE and (2) Thai culinary training for 6 weeks, learning 150+ professional Thai dishes.  In addition, we also offer flexible training programs which can be designed by you, ranging from 1 week (5 days) onwards.

Training:  During these courses, expect to learn:

  • Asian ingredients–fruits, vegetables, rice, noodles, coconuts, peppers, herbs & spices,….
  • Authentic flavors and aromas
  • Professional presentation
  • Use of Asian kitchen utensils & cookware
  • Mastery of Asian professional dishes from scratch–curry pastes, dips, sauces, rice & noodles, street foods, Thai beverages, starters, salads, soups, stir fries, deep frieds, steamed & desserts
  • Thai culture

Included in our program tuition are the following:

  • Accommodations close to the school
  • Most meals (lunch and supper during training days)
  • Intensive training with recipes in English at the school cooking, cooking, and cooking
  • 2 sets of uniforms and a set of chef’s knives
  • Airport pickup and return for large groups

Tuition (including accommodations) for 6 weeks:  Pan-Asian tuition of $2,400 USD and Thai training tuition of $3,800, and specially designed programs will be priced based on length and type of training you desire.
Days in class: Typically Monday-Friday
Language:  English
Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Training:  Training is done in new air conditioned professional chef classrooms.  Each student has his own cooking station and prep area.
Dishes taught in Pan-Asian: Click HERE to see all dishes taught in this course.
Dishes taught in Thai course: Click HERE to see all dishes taught in this course.
Visas:  Assistance provided in obtaining visas, as required

To contact us, please send email to Ron@ThaiChefSchool.com, click HERE, or call +66 2136-9405 (School office), +66 807-706-741 (English), or +66 819-154-919 (English or Thai)