This Could Be You

This Could Be You

Happiness is...Graduation

Happiness is…Graduation

With New Skills--Time for a Good Job

With New Skills–Time for a Good Job


This intensive 8 weeks chef training program is designed to prepare students for a starting career in Thai cooking either overseas or in Thailand.  We teach you; we train you; we help you find a good paying job.  Upon graduation, we assist you in finding employment as we have many overseas employers seeking cooks in their hotels and cruise ships.  Typically, starting salaries on a cruise ship are at least 28,000 Baht/month + free accommodations + food.


  • Classroom training– 4 weeks at the school (Monday-Saturday, 9 AM-5 PM)
    Learn 60 professional Thai dishes

    English training 2 hours/day + homework learning kitchen and basic conversational English
  • Commercial kitchen training–4 weeks in a commercial kitchen
  • Testing–Saturdays are a day of intensive testing of cooking and English skills learned (Students must pass these tests)
  • Other skills learned–                                
    Working in the Kitchen

    Working in the Kitchen

    Food theory
    Fruit carving
    Banana leaf design
    Hygiene and work safety
    Use of kitchen utensils and cutlery
    Food costing
    Interview skills training

  • Tuition–49,000 B



  • Classroom training– Saturday & Sunday at the school for 12 weekends
  • Commercial kitchen training–Saturday & Sunday in a commercial restaurant kitchen for 12 weekends
  • Tuition:  59,000 B

Our professional training program has 3 tiers and you must master each one in order to graduate from this program:
1.  Classroom training–
(A) Theory–Learn about Thai food theory, ingredients, measurements, nutrition, basics of Thai cookware & cutlery, food costing, hygiene, sanitation, work safety and interviewing skills
(B) Practice–Learn and master at least 60 professional Thai dishes, fruit carving, banana leaf design
(C) Testing–Every Saturday is testing for what was learned during the weekdays (Monday-Friday).  Students must pass these tests.

2.  English training–
Learn English words for ingredients, measurements, equipment, utensils, cutlery and enough conversational English to function in an English-speaking environment (at least 2 hours/day + homework)
3.  Commercial kitchen training–
Observe and work in a commercial kitchen learning about the various stations and duties to be performed, work at the various stations performing duties as expected including prepping of ingredients, cooking, and properly plating for professional presentation


Upon successful completion of the above requirements, we will help set up interviews for our students with both overseas and Thai employers.  There is a high demand for Thai cooks and chefs working overseas who can speak some English.  For those Thais with a good attitude, good work ethic, basic working knowledge of English, and ability to cook Thai food, good paying employment is available.  Overseas starting salaries are at least 28,000 Baht/month + free accommodations + food.

For more information, please send inquiry to, click HERE, or call 088-707-6314 (K. Dao).

NOTE:  We also offer Bartending and Waitressing vocational training. Please call or write for more details. Salaries start at 28,000 Baht/month + accommodations and food.

Students Training with Chef Tahsanee

Students Training with Chef Tahsanee

Chef Training Classroom

Chef Training Classroom